I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating, I love cooking and spend a considerable (or ridiculous if you ask my husband) amount of time each week finding new recipes, planning what we’ll eat that week and doing an online shop. I’m not going to lie – doing the weekly shop online is super convenient and so much easier than trying to tackle the supermarket with a 4 year old!

However I have a few major bugbears with buying my veggies from the supermarket…

They NEVER have a good range of organic produce. It’s either ridiculously expensive, a bit crappy looking or ridiculously small. I swear I bought an organic cabbage once from Ocado and it was more like a large sprout! I started buying organic last year after listening to a podcast on what the chemicals do to the actual nutritional value of the plant – geeky stuff I know but now I don’t mind paying a bit extra for veg and fruit that are full of goodness.

Plastic – SO MUCH PLASTIC! It’s crazy the amount of packaging that comes with a weekly shop. Why do my avocados need sealing in a hard plastic case and then wrapping in plastic as well? Why does my broccoli come shrink wrapped? It’s so annoying and unnecessary. I read somewhere that customers were starting to take off all the wrapping in store so the supermarkets have to deal with it all. I think that’s a great idea!

Farmers – my dad used to be a market gardener. He was one of the largest lettuce producers in the Midlands. Sometime in the early 80s supermarkets started working directly with the growers and over the coming years their demands became so unrealistic that the independent growers just couldn’t meet them. He remembers one meeting where they announced they no longer wanted crops growing outside because the rain splashed dirt into the heart of the lettuces!

So after speaking with a few local farmers, help from the fantastic people at the British Legion and a website building genius neighbour – My Village Green was set up. Now we can all enjoy plastic free veggies (that have soil on) directly from the farmers every week.