98% of food shopping in the UK happens in a supermarket – there’s no denying it’s super convenient to be able to buy everything you need for the week in one place. Most people do a weekly shop and then pop back during the week to get a few “fresh” items but how fresh are they?

A quick look at some of the food labels tells us where the fruit or veg is from. Apples from NewZealand, asparagus from South America, salad from Spain, figs from Turkey etc. The word “fresh” is plastered all over the packaging but it can actually be used to describe products that have been chemically treated, frozen or stored for weeks on end!

This means that sometimes the veg we pick up at the supermarket is not as fresh as we would like to believe…

Apples, for example are often treated with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene, which slows down the ripening process and means that some supermarket apples can often be as much as 6 months old!

Anyone who grows their own salad knows it spoils quite quickly so to avoid this producers wash it in chlorine and store it in bags with a low-oxygen atmosphere. As a result, those bags of ‘fresh’ salad leaves can often be as much as three weeks old.

As well as the produce not being fresh, unless we buy organic then it has also been sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals. Now, I’m no farming expert but I know I definitely prefer my food clean and fresh, and by clean I mean covered in soil not chlorine and other chemicals!

But the chemicals are all safe, right? For more thoughts on this check out our next blog

“Why organic is best and the dirty dozen”

At My Village Green the farmer picks many of the veggies including spinach, mizuna and rocket the morning of delivery. Everything else apart from some of the fruits, which obviously do come from further afield, is picked no more that 2 days before it’s delivered to your door. No chemicals, no plastics – just freshly picked veg!

The famers grows a lot of the produce himself and what he doesn’t grow he sources directly from his network of organic farmers. This ensures that the money we pay goes directly to the farmers instead of the Supermarkets.

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